Xenophobia: Rep. Dachung Bagos Wants Nigerian Government to Take Serious Action to Forestall Attacks & Killings

“Strong words to the South African government, making a press statement is not enough, we want to see strong actions. Same goes to the Nigerian government. As a representative of the people I’m worried about my constituents that are in South Africa. By now I’m expecting that our government should be able to have provided at least one or two planes on standby to bring our people back home. Our government should take steps that sends a clear message to the South African government, that we won’t take things for granted. Diplomatic steps need to be taken. Once you cross the line, there are sanctions. So that the people we are representing will have confidence in us. When this attacks started two years ago, I believe that if strong measure were taken, this would not have reoccurred again.

The South African high commissioner reported that 70 persons have been arrested. That’s not enough, we want to see them paraded, and taken to court in the next 24bhours. We must also sound a warning, this was how the Rwanda issues started within themselves.
Time has come and gone when we merely talk. We must keep the talk. There is a saying that if Nigeria sneezing, Africa catches cold. We need to show who we are as a country. By the way when you check, you’ll discover that South African Businesses are majorly franchised by Nigerians.

The Nigerian government has sent in a delegation of people to South Africa to be there on Thursday. But in my opinion a private jet is supposed to have jet out immediately to South Africa. The paramount question is why majority of Nigerians when the whites control over 80% of the businesses in South Africa? We have just about 800,000 Nigerians in South Africa out of the 4 million immigrants. About 8% of the whites are living in South Africa. Why fighting your brother who has fought for your freedom. Nigeria has spent billions to ensure that South Africa is where it is today. We Africans need to go beyond admiring Europe and America. We need to learn to be our brothers’ keeper. You will not see Americans or Europeans fighting one another.

I want Nigerians to be patient even as they consider what is happening. The act of going out to destroy some of these properties and businesses to me is not something we need to move into now. Let’s wait upon the leaders. Like I said once the speaker House of reps converges a meeting tomorrow Nigerians will know a definite decision. We want to call on Nigerians even in South Africa to be law abiding as well. The 9th national Assembly will not condone what is happening. In other countries be it South Africa or any part of the world, the leadership would be strong on issues that have to do with her people.”

Hon. Dachung Bagos
3rd September, 2019
@ AIT in a discussion on the program,

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Xenophobia: Rep. Dachung Bagos Wants Nigerian Government to Take Serious Action to Forestall Attacks & Killings

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