Useni urges PDP members to channel energy towards reclaiming mandate

Gyang Bere, Jos

Plateau State Governorship Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Gen. Jeremiah Useni has urged members of the PDP to work assiduously towards recovering mandate in the tribunal to unite and strengthen the party in the state.

Useni in a press statement signed by his Media Consultant, Yiljap Abraham refuted claims published in a Newspaper report that he signed to collect the 2019 presidential funds for Plateau and the money was discovered in the Account of the state Party Chairman, Hon Damishi Sango.

“The Daily Sun publication, captioned “Plateau PDP crisis: NWC steps in” contains some factual errors that require correction.“The PDP Governorship Candidate Senator (General) Jeremiah Useni was indeed one of the three signatories in the collection of funds  and the template for the presidential election.

“It is false to allege that after the General had signed for the money, he then  “discovered” that the money was in Sango’s bank account. General Useni is not a newcomer to appropriate modalities for financial transactions.“It is also incorrect to allege that PDP “major stakeholders who would have helped to ensure victory of the party” were denied access to General Useni by the party Chairman, Hon Damishi Sango.

“General Useni has deliberately chosen to maintain a posture of self-control on these matters of election, party leadership and some deep comments on the media because of the need to strengthen the unity of the party and to focus on  giving every required attention to our noble legal quest to reclaim our mandate through all the petitions that have been filed at the various tribunals.

”Yiljap said Useni has avoids distractions by not joining issues with some individuals and groups that have sometimes shown unrivalled intemperance in their commentaries.

He explained that General Useni has sustained a practically open door policy both as a personal principle and for the good of the party, adding that ” There is no counting of the number of people that troop to his residences always to meet with him on matters touching on state or party interest.

“General Useni has always been available. His doors have always been open.  It is impossible to allow anyone else dictate to him who he should see or not see. He can make up his mind on what is right and proper. In this wise, no “major stakeholders of the party” have been denied access to him as alleged.“Nevertheless, the party must move on. General Useni therefore makes the following  appeal: Let party members and stakeholders restrain their public and media comments and instead give more energy, time, prayers, financial resources, as well as positive media hype toward our collective battle in the tribunals.”He urged people to maintain greater maturity and commitment in bringing healing, unity and reconciliation in collective party pursuits.

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Useni urges PDP members to channel energy towards reclaiming mandate

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