PROGRESS” On Saturday The 24th Day of January 2021 in the National Veterinary Research Institute Vom


The Joint Campus Committee of NANS in Plateau State is the vertex structure of NANS in the state with the membership that exceeds Two point three million(2.3M) Nigerian students schooling in the universities , polytechnics , mono techniques and colleges domiciled within the confine of the state . The Plateau state NANS JCC have overtime stand to represent the interests of Nigerian Students in all ramifications in protecting their rights , ensuring the safety of their welfare ,standing for a serene academic environment for the students and ensuring their peace and security while pursuing academic and societal prosperity.
The underneath tertiary institutions are under the Joint Campus Committee Structures of the state.
Plateau State University Bokkos,
University Of Jos ,
School of Nursing Vom,
Federal College of Land Resource Technology, Vom,
Federal College Of Education Pankshin
College of Health Technology Zawan
College of Health Technology Pankshin
National College of Accountancy Kwall ,
Federal Medical Laboratory College ,Jos.
Federal School of Forestry Jos ,
College of Education Gindiri
Federal Research Institute Vom, Animal Science,
Federal College of Veterinary and Medical Laboratory Vom.
National Film Institute ,Jos .

The leadership of NANS on the Plateau upon the expiration of its tenure deemed it exigent to hold a convention to enable the birth of a new leadership.
You will all recall that to ensure a peaceful transition the outgoing JCC Chairman constituted the Convention Planing Committee which was led by Comrade Victor Dazi Mangseth as Chairman and Comrade Mathew Dafoum Naankin as the secretary , which he later dissolves the committee for the sabotaging act perpetrated by the chairman of the committee who was soughting for reconciliation with a team who held a purported Convention that is alien to the Joint Campus Committee to the Joint Campus Committee Chairman . The chairman upon dissolving the committee reconstituted a three man committee under the chairmanship of comrade Mathew Naankin Dafoum who ceaselessly implored utmost commitment and diligence to ensure that we converge for this epoch making Convention .
The Joint Campus Committee Chairman Comrade Barry Gabriel Welcomed all the stakeholders and SUG Presidents to the Convention of the state .
The Chairman in his statement stated that this Convention is that which will rewrite the narrative of NANS in the state . That prior to this time it is only the stakeholders that are the delegates of the Convention in the state but in his quest to rewrite the narrative, alter status quo , dislodge the paradigm for the non student friendly model of electing their leaders , he decided to incorporate the SUG Presidents in the process that will birth a new leadership . The chairman said that the stakeholders cannot vote their own chairman of stakeholders and then vote the chairman of the students again without the involvement of the students. In his statement , he said that ,this same model he invoked is being practiced in some states even in our neighboring states even in Nassarawa state . He said , we cannot be doing same thing and expecting a different result . Some states have gone to the extend of allowing only the SUG Presidents to Vote in their state conventions . He said he is now a Stakeholder after having another JCC Chairman and he prides at this particular achievement of his tenure.
The Delegates of the Convention deliberated on the state of the spread of the Corona virus which is penetrating the nooks and crannies of the country .
The national state of insecurity is worrisome and it is condemnable by all with no exemption by NANS on the Plateau.
The delegates lauded the efforts of the Federal Government for reopening schools even in the face of the crisis with ASUU and the pandemic .
The deliberation further reached to discussing the NIN registration and the link up with communication networks.
The NANS convention resolved the underneath message to the federal government.;

  • The Federal government should speed up the contact tracing to amputate the wide spread of the virus
  • The Convention while complementing the efforts of our gallant security men in the country in all sectors we Federal government should heighten the security network of the country to enable the safety of lives and properties in all parts of the country.
  • The Convention laud the NIN registration and still wonders why the effort imputed in the NIN Project is not being channeled to other sectors. We herein agitate that the date for the NIN registration be further extended for two more years .

NANS on the Plateau lauded the achievements of His excellency the governor of Plateau state for his enormous contribution to the academic sector . The students lauded his commitment for paying due attention on issues that borders on the academe. The convention equally confirmed that he needs more work to be done within the shortest time left for him while in office than he had done especially in the academic sector .
The Convention decried the dilapidated states of some institutions in the state and the insecurity in some institutions and some challenges that the governor should look into to ensure academic excellence for societal progress .
The Convention also resolved that the state should start agitating for national representation as records have it that one of the performing heads of state of the country is from Plateau state . The Convention on a unanimous decision call on His Excellency Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong the Executive Governor of Plateau State to contest for the position of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come 2023 and he is assured of our support.
On the state of the campuses the Delegates deposited the challenges they are bedeviled with, which ranged from the insecurity in our respective campuses , Inadequate welfare for the staff of some institutions, poor infrastructure in institutions and the choler welfarism of students on campus. The delegates charged the new leadership to take practical responsibility in repositioning tertiary institutions on the Plateau and strengthening the threatened interest of Nigerian students.

The delegates frowned strongly at the activities of some stakeholders who are bend on staying in the organisation with no exit plan . The delegates charged the newly elected EXCOs not to recognise any stakeholder who has no interest of the students . The delegates that was made up of both the stakeholders and SUG Presidents from the various institutions established that from now going forward the convention of NANS on the Plateau will constitute the stakeholders and the SUG Presidents.
The delegates noted the level at which some Stakeholders bragged about using the security agencies to stop the legal convention of Nigerian Students on the Plateau but thank God for our security agents who maintained their integrity for refusing to allow themselves to be used by some so called stakeholders who should be playing advisory role at the state level or should have been participating in National politics .


The Convention which started with the accreditation of the delegates by the Convention chairman who distributed the tags that ushered in the delegates .
After the outgoing JCC Chairman welcomed the delegates with an opening remark, the CPC Chairman Comrade Mathew Dafoum Naankin Announce the Nomination for the Convention Chairman . The SUG President of NVRI Animal Health Vom, Comrade Job Nominated Comrade Sadiq Kwaltom for JCC Chairman and it was seconded by the SUG President of the NTA Television College Jos , Comrade Shepdui Maiso.
The Nomination of Comrade Sadiq Kwaltom as Convention Chairman was unopposed and he was declared the Convention chairman who letter nominated the underneath persons in his cabinet to conduct the election.
Sadiq Announced:
Comrade Luther Nimkinanwo
Clerk of the Convention
Comrade Abdullahi Director of Protocols for the Convention .
Comrade Naankin Director of Special Duties of the convention.

The convention ushered in the underneath persons as the Executive officers of NANS Joint Campus Committee on the Plateau . The EXCOs are :

Nam: Miri John Gbakokat
Institution: university of Jos
Department: Zoology
Name: Irmiya Gyang Davou
Position: Vice Chairman
Institution: College Of Health Technology,Zawan
Name: Welgah Joe yiltel
Position: Secretary
Institution: PLASU Bokkos
Department: Geography
Name: Emmanuel Ajik Azi
Position: Director Of Campuses affairs
Institution: University Of Jos
Department: Criminology
Name: Ishaku Shedrah Azi,
Position: Director of Special Duties
Name: Danjuma Gloria David
Position: Treasurer
Institution: Federal College Veterinary Research and Medical Laboratory Vom
Department: Medical Laboratory
Institution: PLASU Bokkos Department: Biochemistry
Name: Domnan Ayuba
Institution: NVRI Vom , Animal Health
Department: Animal Health and Production.
Name: Joseph Bitrus Abdullahi
Position: Director of Programmes
Institution: Plateau State College of Nursing Vom
Department: Nursing
Name : Atiku Joshua
Position: Financial Secretary
Institution: University of Jos
Department: Medical Laboratory
Name: Ezra Shwamvil Kuklong
Position: Assistant Secretary General.
Institution: Federal College Of Forestry, Jos
Department: Crop Production Technology
Name: Shepdui Maiso
Position: PRO 1
Institution: NTA Television College, Jos
Department: Television Productio
Name : Emmanuel Lohtim
Position:PRO 2
Institution: University of Jos
Department: Physics
Name: Dickop Eric Dapurut
Position: Director of Sports
Institution: FCE Pankshin


The Convention featured the recognition of eminent individuals and three special and reputable stakeholders of NANS in the persons of; Comrade Adakole Malcolm Ochai,Comrade Olushola Oladoja , Comrade Paul Tenti .
The Chairman elect Comrade John Gbakokat Miri appreciated the works of the Convention Planning Committee and the stakeholders cum the SUG Presidents that defy the intimidation to attain the Convention. The chairman frowned at the activities of some people who want to take their selfish interest above the interest of Nigerian students and he promised to work against anyone or group of persons who have no interest in the students project of Plateau .

The Communiqué drafting Committee Members are :
Comrade Gyang Moses Shut
Comrade Chudu Joseph
Comrade Nandom Samson .

Plateau State Governor ,
Heads of Tertiary Institutions On The Plateau ,
Commissioner of Education,
Director , DSS ,
Commissioner of Police,
Commandant Operation Safe Haven ,
Nigerian Students ,

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