Virtual Edition of NAWHAI Annual Cultural Festival to Hold on 27TH February

NAWHAI 2021 will be the first cultural event on the Plateau to go virtual, streaming on all digital platforms from a live venue of not more than 50 guests in strict compliance with all laid down protocols of COVID-19.

For over 2000 years, Butura people are globally reputed for their unique culture, with their language among few from Africa taught in faraway Germany.

Butura Wuuh, the ancestral headquarters of the village is 4 kilometres to the South of Bokkos town.

Historically, the Butura people are fearless warriors, adventorous horsemen,unequaled farmers and highly innovative people,they belong to the Ron stock in Ron-Kulere chiefdom of Bokkos Local Government Area.

As their population grew through the centuries, Nahwai, which means song of victory, was adopted as a festival to unite the people and celebrate their rich cultural history.

Perhaps, like the ancient Greece, Butura is a land full of potentials, with diverse opportunities for business.

NAHWAI Festival In Buturaland is celebrated annually in memory of what used to happen in the past for the purpose of unity and preservation of the Butura culture and it’s transmission to the younger generation.

in 2018 about 7,500 people attended the festival while in 2019, above 10,000 people attended the festival that had activities spanning four days of rich cultural display such as dancing competition, 75 kilometres hiking in 3days, Symposiums, playlet medical outreach and public lectures.

The Butura Women prepare special traditional cuisine to welcome guests during the Nahwai cultural festival.

NAHWAI also seeks to celebrate the achievements of Butura Sons and Daughters in the out gone year as it seeks to be the gateway for the socio-economic endowments of Butura land.

Tash Ti Mbang is an architectural stone causeway constructed by Chen Ma Dares in Butura declared by UNESCO heritage site since 1953,the bridge is dated to have been built about 2000 years ago.

Butura is blessed with fertile agrarian land and adequate water supply with an all year round Agricultural activities.

The Maikatako International market is one of the largest Market in Plateau central Senatorial zone,this is where Agricultural produce from Buturaland are marketed.

The Butura Development Association,The umbrella body of all cultural association in the district plans to promote and market the tourist sites in Butura with a grand plan to build international hotels,golf course and woo willing investors to Butura land as Nahwai cultural festival continues to grow with global participation as a tourist destination.

NAWHAI BUTURA FESTIVAL will hold on 27th Febuary, 2021 online.

It will be streamed on all digital platforms from 12 noon.

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Virtual Edition of NAWHAI Annual Cultural Festival to Hold on 27TH February

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