Transformative Representation: Growing Evidences from Pankshin North Constituency – Yolka Nenrot John

It’s no news that the legislative arm of government plays an important role in the sustenance and deepening of democratic processes in both developed and developing democracies.

Constitutional provisions and prevailing societal practices are major determinants of the particular role the legislature plays within a political system.

In developing democracies such as Nigeria, the functions expands from law making(primary function), screening of certain categories of political appointees, deliberations on national financial plans as well as serve as checks against the excesses of the executive and judicial arms.

Furthermore, in political systems such as ours, the function of the legislature is ‘assumed’ to transcend law making to include infrastructural interventions. While this position has been challenged, it has continued to be an important component of our body polity.

Prior to the 2019 general elections, the thirst for effective representation in Pankshin North Constituency has been overwhelming. The constituents yawned for a grassroots emancipator, a courageous advocate, a coherent presenter of the needs of his/her people and a defender of people’s will.
The end of the electoral process in 2019 saw the emergence of Hon. Philip Dasun Peter as the member representing the good people of Pankshin North Constituency in the Plateau state House of Assembly.

The fundamental question here is what are the achievements of the member in the last one year? What is he doing differently and what are the expectations of the people for the next three years?

Acknowledging that infrastructure represents an important part in the development process, Hon Philip activated the infrastructural revolution with the renovation and remodelling of the district office in Pankshin. Since then, he has renovated the LGEA primary school in Nyelleng, Tinjim LEA Primary school (Kanshu ward), constructed two classroom blocks and an office at Gilling, sinking of a borehole at Yimtul. He also attracted the rehabilitation of the water works in Pankshin. Recently, the PHC clinic in Hikmwaram was completed and many other critical facilities are under construction.
In the area of human capital development, Hon. Philip introduced the convergence series that aims at giving youths within his constituency the platform to express their talents while also enjoying tailor made mentorship. The first in the series tagged ‘Convergence 4.1’ went well with youths at the forefront of the movement. Furthermore, the Hon. Member currently caters for one hundred and thirty-five (135) individuals on scholarship across primary, secondary and university.

Regarding legislative activeness, Hon. Philip is making giant strikes towards repositioning the standard of living of his people through motions and other contributions to bills. This covers areas of health, education, culture and inter-community relations among others.
With all these accomplishments, what are the expectations of the people of Pankshin North for the next three (3) years? As a people, we will love to see a robust economic intervention for the youths, more people centred bills and above all, more of what happened in the last one year.

In conclusion, with all the massive people driven interventions embarked upon by Hon. Philip Dasun Peter, he has without doubt carved a special place for himself in the history books of Pankshin North. As we look forward to much more, we say may the future smile on you.

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Transformative Representation: Growing Evidences from Pankshin North Constituency – Yolka Nenrot John

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- Cmr. Friday Bako is an Accounting Graduate, Blogger, Social Media Influencer, Youth Activist and Advocate for good governance.

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  • Daniel Magaji

    I pray that the people of Pankshin state constituency will continue to enjoy a people centres representation through the Honourable Member. Nice piece Comrade Yolka Nenrot.

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