The Exit of Trump From the Whitehouse: The End of an Era – Rwang, Patrick Stephen

Many watchers of America’s Politics since 1776 are of the opinion that, the 45th President of the United States who took office on 20th January 2016 ‘did all what he could have done in four (4 ) year as far better than what orders can’t do in eight (8) years’ and left no stone unturned while in the oval office as POTUS.

The invasion of the capitol Hill on 6th January 2021 has stained the stainless face of American democracy and left the most powerful nation on the face of the Earth in a complete state of disarray.

Findings by the US law enforcement agencies has linked the invasion of the capitol to: some overzealous Democrats who hide under the pretence of Pro-Trump fans to blackmailed the outgoing (out gone) President and discredit his leadership.

Another view is that, the invasion was carried out by some unguided elements who are diehard Trump supporters. This is very unfortunate situations.

The fact remains, no matter who the Invaders were, it’s a sad development and a weaken reality in the United States Governance and political history.

Scholars of Politics (Political Scientists) in the global North are critically reviewing the trust position bestowed on America democracy in the past decades to know what to do next in terms of comparative Governance and Comparative analysis.

Recently, the Ugandan leader who has been in power since 1984 was said to have rigged his way into power again for the 5th time. No comment from the Washington because of the perceived failures of the American systems in matters of electioneering and exemplary Democratic tenets of defense to the world.

This is the retrogressive reality of the current development in America. It is necessary now for the American people to review their position and proffer solutions to it’s system and rebuild it’s hard earned global image as the world Police and hegemon, a position they have occupied since the end of the second world war in 1945,that is exactly 76 years now.

The Biden administration has a lot of mending to make in bringing America back to the limelight of global leadership and America hegemonic preponderance must be restored respectively.


  1. Promotion of peace in the Korean peninsula: it is clear that the face-off between North and South Korea was completely calm. He brought the warring parties together and pact of peace entered. I pray this peace will continue and sustained by the Biden’s administration.
  2. Moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel: This a promise made to the Jewish people, by administrations of : Bush, Clinton, Obama’s respectively. They all were unable to fulfilled such dicey promise that they all fears will bring permanent instability in the middle East region of the world. Trump did it and the region remain peaceful.
  3. Fixing the excesses of the Iranian Government. Taking out key Arrowhead who are promoters of evil like General Sulaimani.
  4. Daring to halt the ill economic activities of China to hilt on trade in the United States. Trump as a business giant understood the importance of tariffs to the American economy, hence, the need for China to pay tarrif on all it’s trades dealings in the US became necessary. This helps in massive job creation in America and factories that were moribund revamped. The fact is, China was dared and record was put straight on the Maxim “America First”. This is huge.
  5. Economy: the past 4 years of Trump’s administration stabilized US economy. The market was often Green and green as often. The economy boom was massive. I think the days ahead will be greater for Americans due to the role he played in building the economy.
  6. Lowest rate of unemployment: if the Biden administration continue on this path. America will keep waxing great economically. The ratings are there and the records are also there to check.
  7. Bringing back US troops from warring zones. Many troops that were off the shores of the United States were recall back home due to peace restoration in those areas by the Trump administration. Syria, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, Yemen were the Obama administration push troops in, many were returned back due to peace restoration.
  8. Bashir Alsaad was confronted directly with the US military might by the Trump’s administration after hitting his citizens at Damascus with chemical weapons. The Pentagon under the instructions of the POTUS in conjunction with France and Britain fired over 100 missiles to deter him from further destruction. Since then in 2018, no record of him repeating something as such again. Force was used to curtailed his excesses and constant abuse of powers.
  9. Promotion of peace in Sudan area. During his time as US President, he supported all peace moves in the area. Despite all odds, relative peace was visible Sudan.
  10. ESTABLISHMENT of the United States space force. Trump was a President that is very closed to Pentagon and West point. He invested heavily in NASA , fund defence, which later gave birth to the US space force. The space force department is doing well in promoting and protecting the US global strength.
  11. He brought God back to the Whitehouse and return prayers in schools. The people of faith had their say and were respected by the Trump’s administration.

Know, as the Biden’s administration takes office. The world is watching keenly to see the direction of US foreign policy in the next few days.

If possible, he should hit the ground running with his policy in ending the pandemic and curtailing it’s spread to preserved the lives of Americans as avowed during his campaign.

Trying to undo what Trump did is not welcoming now because Americans need immediate intervention.

One day, the Biden’s era will also come to an end and analysts will also review the achievements of his administration.

Certainly, the Obama policies will be dusted and reintroduced. But he must be mindful of the obnoxious ones that the American people detests.

I wish President Trump well as he rest in Florida. My prayers and thoughts are with the incoming administration.
Whether Trump failed, time shall tell and whether Biden will succeed in office, time and chance shall prove that accordingly.

It is good to note also that, Trump stopped funding the WHO because the establishment was respecting China more than US. He pulled America out of so many organizations that are not of benefits to the US. His policy of building wall at the Mexican bother is to control the influx of illegal immigrants into the US. The band on 7 Islamic countries by his administration is to stop terrorists activities in the US. The conclusion that he was anti black and a racists remain a debate. Those that said he is a core white supremacist will need time to revert on this position when event unfolds in the next few years of this Biden’s administration
Trump was illegally impeached twice by his Political enemy Nancy Pelosi the speaker of the house.
If history will be fair to Trump as his second impeachment debate begins after Biden’s inauguration, it must be record also that due process wasn’t followed by the house towards his impeachment in 2021.
Will he be fit to run. In 2024? Time shall tell.

The big question remains, with the Chinese virus or coronavirus outbreak that stated as an endemic, later epidemic and unfortunately became a pandemic, would Biden have won the election?

Rwang, Patrick Stephen
Political Scientist at Federal University of Kashere Gombe State.

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The Exit of Trump From the Whitehouse: The End of an Era – Rwang, Patrick Stephen

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