Tarok group insist Chairman Langtang North  AMOS KPANIM duly elected

Tarok group insist Chairman Langtang North AMOS KPANIM duly elected

Lauds Lalong developmental strides

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos

Group operating under the ageis of Tarok Progressives Youth Movement on Thursday said the Chairman of Langtang North local government of the state Hon Amos Kpanim was duly elected by the people of the LGA .

Addressing newsmen in Jos ,Haruna Danjuma Ringnap the chairman of the group and Comr. Nangor Bali Secretary said “Our attention has been drawn to group who accused the chairman of Langtang North of reckless spending of council fund and refusal to obey court judgement .

They further said “Ordinarily, we would not be bothered to dignify such blatant distortion of facts and peddling of injurious falsehood with a reply, however we are constrained to reply so as to set the records straight and bring the true state of events into public domain.

The report/petition entirely veered off their caption their reportage and showed their real intention in making this publication, ignoring entirely their allegation of malfeasance and delving into an area well within public knowledge– the case between Kparnim Nanloh Amos v Hon. Justice A.I Ashoms & 8 others – it is a known fact that this matter is an going concern in the High court of Justice of Plateau State.

For the avoidance of doubt it is pertinent to state for the benefit of the education of the petitioners that certiorari is practiced under Nigerian Law and the Honourable Amos Kparnim has chosen to exercise his Legal right to the full extent of the Law.

The petitioners missed the mark in that they are trying to rope the Honourable Governor of Plateau State Rt. Hon. Simon BakoLalong into their mischief by alluding that he is complicit in an issue that is entirely legal.

It is pertinent to further state that Hon. Amos Kparnim cannot arrogate for himself powers to continue to function as the Chairman of Langtang North Local Government Council, it smacks of mischief and ill intent to posit otherwise, the Honourable Chairman is in office by virtue of a securely obtained mandate which has further secured before the elections petition tribunal and being a law abiding citizen is even now presently in Court to further secure and affirm his mandate.

To expose the naivety and poor knowledge of the purported concerned group on administrative spending of the local council is the fact that every spending of the local council is tag in the budget and most presented to the legislative arms of the government for approval; pass through the three stages before the Executive arms of the government will implement same in what is known as execution of project. The purported group miss the point on this note and thereby underscore their knowledge of local government administration as regard dealing with council finances.

We as a progressive group with grass root background pass a vote of confidence on Hon. Amos and we say he still remains Chairman of Langtang North Local Government Area, pending the outcome of the matter in court.

The Tarok people of Langtang North are Happy with Hon. Amos because of his developmental strides, we as a group would stand with him at all times.

We the Tarok Progressive Youth Movement are by this rejoinder urging the petitioners to desist from writing frivolous petitions and instead patiently wait as we all law abiding citizens for the outcome of the Matter before the High Court, we further urge that instead of continuously grieving we all join hand for the growth and overall development of Langtang North Local Government.

We also drum support for our Chairman and would stand by him at all times .

Our correspondent further reports that some youths of the LGA stormed the venue of the press conference holding venue of the press conference with placards with inscriptions With Amos Kparnim we stand ,No vacancy in Langtang North .

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Tarok group insist Chairman Langtang North AMOS KPANIM duly elected

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