You don’t need a Prophet or an apostle to declare to you that Nigeria’s economy is in trouble/recession.
Austerity measures at personal and corporate levels is trending geometrically. Growth is diminishing; inflation has gone above 13 % , interest rate on lending is above single digit, Insecurity has become the new normal, unemployment is at its peak and poverty steers us on the face( Nigeria is now the Headquarters of Poor people in the world despite numerous God given resources)

In time like this, it calls for sober reflections, introspection and retrospection. At my own personal level l have started restructuring as the resources available at my disposal as become lean. I now prioritise my needs, cook more and eat less outside, buy what l need and not what l want, budget for evey needed item among others.

It is quite sad and Unfortunate that many Nigerians still live in Fantasy Land. They still hold lavish parties and indulge in their excesses, even doing so on credit. There are many who still can’t eat without soft drinks, wine or beer to “wash it down”. There are still those trendy guys and ladies who offer arms and legs to buy exotic cars in order to “oppress” their neighbours, friends and relations. These fashionistas can’t dress without perfumes and play the good guy by ensuring that they buy all the “aso ebi” chosen for socials. Sincerely, I do believe that it’s good to be trendy and enjoy the good things of life but only on one condition – if you can afford it, if you can’t afford it let it go. It is no longer cut your coat according to your size but cut your coat according to the material available to you.You must learn to curtail your appetite for things you can’t afford.
Does it makes sense to you to still live in that house that the rent is far above your income? Does it makes sense to you to live in a duplex or three bedroom flat when your income can only afford a single bedroom? Does it makes sense to you that you struggle to pay through your oesophagus to live in Ray Field while you can conveniently live in Tudun Wada ? Does it make sense to you to be called a classic person by outsiders but deep inside you ,you know you are not? This are not time for show up nor time to impress others

In the true sense of the word, this austere time calls for change of mindset, attitudes, lifestyles and priorities. Hanging on to old values and proclivities may lead many into trouble especially new couples who want to prove to their peers that they’ve arrived. Why play the superman or hero when you do not have the financial muscle to back up your presumed status? 
Take this life easy and things will be easy for you ,don’t live to impress others, you are not in competition with anybody in this life. The Primary essence of life is to please God and yourself and any other person is secondary. Stay within your limit.
God Bless Nigeria.

Voice of Reasoning ,Resonating from
Tazuk Hills.

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