Rwas Rwang Patrick Lauds Leadership Excellence Award to Da Gyang Dudu, BECO President by COA Media


The Leadership Excellence Award bestowed on the BECO leader is welcoming and humbling indeed.

Since his inception as the President of the association, Dara have taken issues of culture, tradition and education of his people and humanity in general seriously. He deserved the honour.

On education, I refer you to the BECO Comprehensive School project he has undertook. The project started like a dream, it became a reality and end in commissioning by the Gbong Gwom of Jos this year. More work is still ongoing there via numerous interventions by people of thoughts and opinions.

He have pulled resources from individuals, the Political class, his friends, the Berom community in diaspora and well-wishers to transmogrify the school. The award is really deserving.

On culture and tradition, Mr President Da Gyang Dudu have taken to the grassroots, mobilizing the Berom nation and educating them on key issues in the Land. He is a President that is on ground to work and does his duties with much commitment and charisma. Congratulations to you Mr President.

After many years of the absence of Berom place or Berom compound at the Jos museum, the BECO President have changed the narratives.
There is a Berom home in the museum called lala Berom. This act has been hailed by the Gbong Gwom of Jos and the politicians and senior citizens of the state respectively. Worthy of note, the 5th Gbong Gwom Jos have visited all the projects initiated by the BECO President, this is landmark achievements when the throne visits a project, that must be magnetic, attractive and majestic indeed. Congratulations Mr Leadership Excellence, it’s well deserved.

On behalf of the Berom nation, I choose to take the responsibility to thank the award group for the honoured bestowed on Dara Dudu as EXCELLENT Leader of the year 2020. It is well appreciated and noted. Indeed, he is a leader that deserves recognition. The Leadership Excellence Award is at the right place and in the right hand. Congratulations Dara.

The BECO President as a man of peace have in his own capacity promoted peace in the state and intervene in peace building missions to sister States of Plateau.

He is a trans-ethnic, a trans-tribal, Pro-Plateau a Pan-Nigerian and a worthy global citizen per EXCELLENT. Congratulations again for the good recognition.

Awards are mostly Political this days, but this recognition on BECO President is visible to the blind and laudable to the deaf, congratulations Mr President, keep it coming Sir.

While I thank you for the selfless Leadership to the nation as a retired Deputy Controller of Custom(DCC), Plateau, the Beromland and to humanity in general, I want you to keep moving,don’t relent in matters of Leadership Excellence as you know a leadership of ambassador your services is timely to humanity Sir.

I wish you good health, long life and peace of mind to keep living and serve humanity. Your best is yet to come. See you at the top of your dreams and projects for this generation Sir.

Salutes to the Gufwa sayal Vwel Berom mot( big stone that seats the Berom people)

Written by:
Rwang Patrick Stephen
A thinker and admirer of the goods in Leadership

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Rwas Rwang Patrick Lauds Leadership Excellence Award to Da Gyang Dudu, BECO President by COA Media

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