Ropvil killing: “Please don’t let them win this war”. DG peace Building ( Joe Lengs ) cries out to plateau youths

Yesterday 29th of January 2020, the leadership of Mupun Youth Movement led by comrade Dakwom Longgul In conjunction with coalition of Youth Ethnic nationalities, PYC Plateau Peace Building and the member representing Pankshin south in the Plateau State House of assembly, HON. Henry Longs took out time to hold a candle light procession in honour of late Ropvil Daciya Dalep, the young student killed by ISWAP (Boko Haram sect) on his way to resume school at unimaid.

The DG of peace Building took out time to reminding the youths never to give up,

see details of the remarks :


The sons of perdition are at our doors yet again.

They tried to bury us, they failed!

They tried to break our spirit, again and again, they failed!

Now they’ are relentlessly trying to bury our core identity and values as Plateau people and as decent human beings.

We should never allow them succeed and neither must we succumb to their threats and attacks.

Clearly, the enemy has seen our potential, resilience and true character as the melting pot that holds Nigeria together.

They just can’t live with this reality.

In their desperation to break the backbone of our nation, they come at us with all they have got.

This is not entirely new.

They have tried it before, but have also failed woefully.

Therefore, let us not waiver; let us not be scared of them or their warped and twisted ideology.

For it will not stand the test of time.

Although the forces of good and evil are in a constant struggle however, we remain confident of the victory of good over evil.

Let this not deter us from doing that which is right in the sight of God and in the sight of men.

We must continue to project our common and shared humanity as the greatest weapon against ethnic and religious bigotry and hatred in our state and across the country.

We as a people must also unite now more than ever before to ensure that justice is done.

Senseless, though any such murder or attacks might be, however, it was not without any sense for its perpetrators.

It was done to put fear in us, so that we will succumb swiftly to the plans of the enemy and perhaps somehow spread a belief that they’re doing God’s work.

We must not let them have their way.

We charge all clerics, Muslims and Christians alike to pick up this gauntlet of religious misinterpretation and ensure that our people are not misled.

We must be clear about how we want to win this struggle.

We should take what security measures we can, and look out for each other as we have always done. But above all, pursue Peace with all men!

For it is by the power of our united faith, and our common purpose that we will overcome this struggle.

Let me use this opportunity to express our condolences and support to the family of Ropvil Daciya.

Your son and our brother died a hero; a Martyr of good faith and good conscience.

Even in the face of death, he did not shudder but rather puts his killers to shame.

We pray God leave you with the most cherished memories of the loved and lost.

Yet, his death and all those that lost their lives in the renewed attacks in Mangu and Bokkos will never be in vain.

Please don’t let them win this war.

We are at an age in which the prejudices of the past should not blind us from seeing the strength in our diversity. Let us tap into it.

Let us think, speak and act as a people united by a common purpose and the hope of a better, secure and a prosperous nation.

May the good lord heal and grant us the grace to go pass this.

Thank you for listening

Joseph lengmang
Director General
Plateau Peace Building Agency

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Ropvil killing: “Please don’t let them win this war”. DG peace Building ( Joe Lengs ) cries out to plateau youths

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