Robert Taple’s FC of sihin defeated Chinan FC of Lankang

VPN gathered that the match between Robert Taple FC of Sihin and Chinan Dikwal FC of Lankang ends up abruptly due to some security challenge but however the Robert Taple’s team was leading with 3 and chinan dikwal FC with 2 gaol.

The match was abruptly stopped due to the activities of fans in the second half, 32mins to the conclusion of the match at Kagu.

The match Commisioner, Pyelshak Angel decided to stop the match to protect the players and the integrity of the match. The remaining twenty minutes will be played in another field outside kagu.

Addressing the teams, Chief Barr. Robert Taple who was ably represented by Mr. Benji Ben said that the objective of the tournament was not only to win the game but was intended to keep the youth busy in gainful endeavours and to keep them away from drugs and other elicit activities.
Mr. Taple encouraged them to take the game serious as this could be an opportunity to identify grassroot talents for professional football. He urged them to be disciplined and always fight and persue things that will bring about progress in Mupun land.

VPN gathered that the committee will decide the fate of the Kagu centre for other match fixtures due to the activities of the misguided elements who stalled the game.

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Chief Robert Taple and the team in a photo session. At Kagu

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Robert Taple’s FC of sihin defeated Chinan FC of Lankang

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