Rep. Simon Mwadkwon PhD Unmatched Appreciation Tour to 21 Federal Wards in Fed. Constituency

Rep. Simon Mwadkwon PhD carried out what could best be described as uncommon, unbeatable and unmatched appreciation tour to all the 21 Federal Wards in Barkin Ladi & Riyom Local Government Areas.

Through the hills, valleys, rough, muddy, rocky and mountainous terrains he visited the people to appreciate them for voting him massively under harsh weather, protecting their votes and returning him to the National Assembly having served them in the 7th National Assembly.

The tour commenced on Saturday 17th August, 2019 and climaxed on Thursday 22nd August, 2019.

The tour which started in Sharubutu Federal Ward on the first day saw Party faithfuls, political stalwarts, PDP House of Assembly Members, Chairmanship/Councillorship Candidates, stakeholders, youths, women, Associations’ Leaders, other illustrious sons and daughters within and without the Federal Constituency joining the Federal Lawmaker in solidarity.

The delegation later stormed Rim, Jol/Kwi, Riyom/Wereng and Rahoss Federal Wards all in Riyom Local Government Area on the first day of the tour.

The 2nd Day of the tour which was on Monday 19th August, 2019 saw the delegation visiting Bum, Danto, Atakar, Sopp and Tahoss Federal Wards all also in Riyom Local Government Area.

The 3rd Day of the visit held on Tuesday 20th August, 2019 saw the delegation visiting Kurra Falls, Gindin Akwati, Marit/Mazat, Lohbiring, Rakok/Gwol and Gassa/Sho Federal Wards all in Barkin Ladi Local Government Area.

The entourage of the Federal Lawmaker took a break on Wednesday 21st August, 2019 and resumed on Thursday 22nd August, 2019 visiting Kapwis, Tafan, Rafan, Heipang and Zabot Federal Wards all in Barkin Ladi LGA to conclude the appreciation tour.

In all the communities visited, people defied the rains and harsh weather to welcome the August Visitor in August, Rep. Simon Mwadkwon PhD, singing, dancing and appreciating saying he is a Leader to reckon with.

The people who could not hide their joy likened the Federal Lawmaker as one of the lepers in the Bible who went back in thanksgiving to Jesus Christ for the healing miracle on ten of them.

Rep. Simon Mwadkwon PhD in all the areas visited appreciated the people for supporting him from the Primary to the main election which saw him clinching the seat to represent them again at the green chamber of the National Assembly.

He promised not to disappoint the trust and confidence reposed on him by the people but justify same with credible and visionary leadership/representation.

Dr. Mwadkwon said he is committed to surpassing his achievements in the 7th National Assembly.
“I will focus on legislation that will add value to the people, society and Nigeria in general” Rep. Mwadkwon said.

“I will sponsor bills that will have great impact, execute people-oriented projects, promote peace and invest greatly on human capital development” he said.

He encouraged the people to put the ugly past behind and promote peace saying there is no alternative to peace.

He said he has moved a motion calling on the Presidency and relevant Government agencies to swiftly attend to the humanitarian situations confronting the people through rebuilding and resettling the people as well as releasing the pledge made by the Vice President during his visit after the attacks, killings of over 200 people, burning of houses and mowing of crops in June, 2018.
He said the problems of the people directly affects him and will continue to speak and act to alleviate their sufferings.

He called on youths to apply in the ongoing Federal government agencies recruitment exercises, promising to do his best to assist where necessary.

He called on the people to forward names of competent and serious minded youths who will be trained on various vocational skills for a year with an NGO which he has paid counterpart funding. The youths are to be trained, accommodated and fed for free and said he will assist them with startup funds at the end of the trainings.

Dr. Mwadkwon charged the people to constitute committees who will forward priority projects for his legislative and execution consideration. He promised not to embark on any project without the consent or input of the people.

Rep. Mwadkwon said plans have been concluded to host a football tournament between all the 21 Federal Wards and said the winner will get a million naira prize.

He said he will embark on strategic youths empowerment and holistic human capital development.

He asked the people to continue to pray for him and hold him accountable as their Representative.

He promised to operate an opened door policy and carry all along irrespective of their ethnic, tribal, religious and political affiliations.

Dr. Mwadkwon called on the electorates to vote Hon Titus Danja and Hon Joshua Chong as Chairman of Riyom and Barkin Ladi respectively when Local Government polls will be conducted in the areas.

He urge the electorates to be on their knees and ask God for favour on all the PDP cases at various levels in the tribunals. I have a testimony, ” I stand tall before the world today, because I kneel before the Lord God Almighty”. Kneel before the Lord and send your mails to him through prayers because I believe that God answers knee mails.

In all the areas visited the people described Rep. Simon Mwadkwon PhD as the right person for the seat he is occupying hence the supports accorded him from the primary to main elections.

They said his projects (rural electrification, other infrastructural development and employment opportunities) are still visible across the two Local Government Areas that made up the Federal Constituency.

They appreciated him for finding time to visit to appreciate them.

They asked him to look critically into the plights of the internally displaced persons, widows, concentrate on youth empowerment through lobbying of employments and execute projects that will have direct impacts on the people and the society.

They thanked him for his bold and fearless presentation of their plights to the world on the floor of the National Assembly.

The people said they are confident and optimistic in his competence and credibility.

They said he has demonstrated to be a Leader who has the people and their welfare at heart.

They promised to continue to support and pray for him to succeed.

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Rep. Simon Mwadkwon PhD Unmatched Appreciation Tour to 21 Federal Wards in Fed. Constituency

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