Plateau Our Heritage Expresses Concern Over Criminal & Lawless Dimension of #EndSARS Protest

Press release

The Plateau Our Heritage, POH, group has viewed with concern, the ongoing protests of the end SARS across the country.

As timely as the protest was being observed and taken note of, with the five points demand by the Nigeria youth being acceded to by the government, we at the POH are obliged to; with all honesty, agree with the protesting Nigerians on the matter.

However, it is disheartening to note the direction of the protest; bearing in mind, the authority has since accepted that the presently constituted SARS be disbanded with immediate effect among others.

We commend the prompt response by government, but we are further dismayed that some criminal elements have infiltrated the ranks of the protesters thereby, insulting the intentions behind the protests.

The POH is saying this because of the criminality being exhibited in the name of the “end SARS” protest which is now giving law abiding members of the public a serious course for concern. Protesters should not be doing worst than those they are protesting against.

It is high time that those in the forefront of the ongoing protest, purge themselves of elements introducing criminal acts in its stable in order to have peace in the course of the protest.

A situation where law abiding citizens are forced to undergo some form of criminally induced ill treatments in the hands of the protesters are unacceptable and government must rise to the occasion to prevent further breakdown of law and order.

We equally hope that those with criminal intentions are identified and handed over to the appropriate authorities for the law to take its cause as only by so doing, that Nigerians will have confidence in the protest and the demands before government.

.. Though the POH is want to identify that the real problem of Nigeria is viz treating symptoms rather than the real illness, which we all appear to be complicit, in this direction, We urge that Nigeria must expunge section 214(1) of the 1999″There shall be a police force for Nigeria, which shall known as the Nigera Police Force and subject to the provisions of this section, no other police force shall be established for the federation or any part thereof”of the constitution, and further rewrite our constitution to ensure or insert compulsory compliance, we must be ruthless with criminal and even civil breaches in our laws – tort law inclusive-otherwise, lets forget it.

Alex Kwapnoe- Chairman

Pam Ayuba Dangwong- Convener

Oct. 16th. 2020

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Plateau Our Heritage Expresses Concern Over Criminal & Lawless Dimension of #EndSARS Protest

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