Plateau  group backs Lalong on ranching, cautions opposition over politicizing FG’s policies

Plateau group backs Lalong on ranching, cautions opposition over politicizing FG’s policies

By Golok Nanmwa Jos

Plateau Regeneration Group on Wednesday berated the Peoples Democratic Party PDP and some groups in the state for allegedly politicizing the Ruga policy and comments made by Governor Simon Lalong recently over the issue .

The group in a statement signed by Pam Datri the Public Relations Officer said the attempt by politicians to drag the Ruga policy into politics is not good for our democracy and should be discouraged by all Nigerians.

Our Governor Simon Lalong has always been in support of ranching policy which he has sensitized the people of the state on the advantages .

There is no truth whatsoever in the claim by the Association of Berom Youth moulders and the Peoples Democratic Party that the Governor of Plateau State, has conspired with the FG to established a Ruga settlement in some parts of B/Ladi and Riyom Local Government Areas of the state.

Governor, Simon Lalong, had several times said he would not encourage grabbing of land .

How can the same Government that influenced the establishment of a Police Mobile squadron in Gashish district of B/Ladi, turn around to encourage grabbing of land of her people .

Lalong had in several forums said he would not encourage land grabbing

Don’t forget that the Governor took an oath of office recently to protect the fundamental rights of all citizens of the State called Plateau, irrespective of creed,ethnicity and area one comes from in any case there is a Local Authority in these areas they mentioned, have they complained of any plan for a Ruga there?

Governor Simon Lalong is a people friendly Governor and would always stand by his people at all times

The statement further reads that Lalong was misquoted by the group as what the Governor said while speaking with newsmen at the state house on Monday was that I think the Ruga thing should not be anything that should bring controversy with the level of sensitisation he has already made.

Lalong said I am a member of the food security committee, I am a member of the herdsmen/farmers committee, we’ve gone a long way on this issue and we’ve said that the only solution that can address some of these insecurity issues between herdsmen and farmers is the ranching policy. You remember that one time we have gone far when some people called it colony and called it this and that, and it created controversy.”

When asked if the Ruga policy was political ,Lalong said I don’t know whether it is political. Of course I am a member of the committee, by the time we addressed that issue some people said yes we would prefer to do open grazing in our state, some said we would prefer to do ranching in our state and some said in our state we would call it Ruga model. So different states with their different approaches, but Ruga term is not general to everybody. In my state we call it livestock something, it’s not Ruga and we have explained it to people

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Plateau group backs Lalong on ranching, cautions opposition over politicizing FG’s policies

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    My worry is that, they will always our own to fight us. God is on the throne. Every evil machinations of the enemy will always be exposed.

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