Natural Hair Dominates the Front Rows and Street Style Beauty.

Natural hair is one of beauty’s top trends. Whether your hair is curly or wavy, thick or fine, natural experts offer the best tips you will be obsessed with.

We all know that when it comes to being at the forefront of the trends, Black women are where it’s at. And when it comes to hair, everyone want theirs to be able to do what our curls, coils, kinks and waves can do. So it’s no wonder that this fashion month, natural hair dominated the front rows and street style beauty.

As the natural hair movement of the past decade continues into 2020, we’re seeing so many beautiful new ways to rock our tresses. And the more we see it in the front rows, the more we’ll see it on the runways and in the magazines—on Black models. We celebrate our natural crowns daily, so it was inspiring to see so many of them proudly on display through the season.

Check out some of our favorite ways to accentuate your natural hair to see why natural hair trends are having a moment.

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Natural Hair Dominates the Front Rows and Street Style Beauty.

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