Latep Dabang fires salvo at PDP

Latep Dabang fires salvo at PDP

*Warns PDP to leave Lalong out of their hallucinations stressing elections are over

By Golok Nanmwa,Jos

Chairman of All Progressive Congress APC in Plateau Hon Latep Dabang on Monday advised the Peoples Democratic Party PDP in the state to leave the state Governor Simon Lalong out of their hallucinations and move on .

Latep in a statement he signed and made available to newsmen in Jos reads that The statement by the PDP State Publicity Secretary John T. Akans released 7th September 2019 castigating the APC and the Rescue Administration of Governor Simon Bako Lalong smarks of a continued drulling by a battered party arising from the bitter defeat the party suffered in the last elections where against all the barrage of propaganda and desperation, the people of Plateau State resoundingly dealt them an unrecoverable blow by choosing to put thier collective destiny in the hands of Rt. Hon. (Dr) Simon Bako Lalong, a man who has demonstrated integrity, vision and capacity to lead them out of the bondage of the past foisted by the same PDP who today demonstrate selective amnesia by calling his administration names that are worse than what they ever represented.

The statement reads that for the avoidance of doubt, the APC and Governor Simon Bako Lalong believe in the independence of the judiciary and will not in any way join the broken PDP in their attempt to cajole and intimidate the judiciary through a failed media propaganda that feasts on the social media and mumbled press releases. Even with solid confidence in his absolute victory that gave him another four years to complete his Rescue of Plateau State from the 16 year misrule of the PDP, Governor Simon Bako Lalong chooses to do the right thing which is to await the tribunal’s validation of his mandate which has been freely and genuinely given by the people.

So we urge the PDP to spare it’s breath from the attempt to embark on a wild goose chase of “100 days achievements” from a governor who in just 4 years did what they could not do in 16 years. He is not in a popularity contest but on a mission to restore peace, revive the economy and build solid infrastructure that will put Plateau back to its leading place in Nigeria. Moreover, the erratic PDP fails to understand that the 100 days achievement mantra is synonymous with first term governors and not re-elected Governors such as Governor Alert.
Lalong who is more interested in the welfare of the Plateau people has almost completed all the projects the PDP abandoned after mismanaging the public purse and has simultaneously initiated several legacy projects some of which are completed with others ongoing. He is succeeding in his mandate and the least he needs now is the sort of petty, confusing and ignorant venom being poured out by the dilapidated umbrella to distract him.
Let them face their business and stop meddling in the affairs of the APC under the guise of offering unsolicited advice that it will better keep to itself or at best apply to its embarrassing wounds.
Plateau is working and the Rescue Mission Phase 2 will surely take the good people of Plateau State to the Next Level under the leadership of Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong.

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Latep Dabang fires salvo at PDP

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