Insurgency: Northern Elites and Macho-mentality

By Kumshin Ashinnan

About two decades ago, northern Nigeria know not peace ranging from Religious Crisis, Boko-Haram, Kidnapping and other vices. This barbaric act which has kept the region to this bay claims thousands of lives, destroyed immeasurable properties and retards human and infrastructural development within the said region and Nigeria at large.

I have repeatedly ask what are the causes of this unfortunate situation without any reasonable answer till now. One would begin to wonder, with the current hardship Nigerians are facing, would a poor man prefer buying sophisticated weapon to food and shelter?
Why would Nigerians kill themselves?
Who is taking the glory for this inhumanity?

Tears 😭😭😭 continue to flow in my eyes anytime our northern hypocritical misleaders begin their usual noise making circus on security challenges in the North. Prior to 2015 election, they appear righteous with body language as if the solution is only possible with them in power, but unfortunately, things are getting worst than before with no effort to curbing the situation. Worst is, all weapons and time to visit the culprits by our Securities are always made known. How would an enemy stay when you tell him you are coming to kill him? Doesn’t this sounds ridiculous?

I am pleading with the northern elites to respect human life and do the needful by putting an end to insurgence taking over the region.
Those handling the weapons and causing this problem as seen in some media circulated videos has no financial resources and connection to posses such weapons except being aided by a powerful person.
They must’ve been given by someone who has knowledge, experience and wealth to satisfy his/her selfish ego.
No ambition, religion and political party Worth life of any citizen. We must learn to respect the rule of law. As learned people, our experience and resources should encourage peaceful coexistence making this country a better place for all. Our forebears in Love and unity brought us together as brothers, but unfortunately, we have consciously chosen to render their efforts futile by engaging in vices.

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Insurgency: Northern Elites and Macho-mentality

About The Author
- Studied Mass Communication from the University of Jos. He is a Journalist, a blogger, a public relations practitioner and an advocate for social justice.

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