Indigent students’ leader at law school writes Gov. Lalong.

Your Excellency Sir,

(on the other side of national discourse)

Recently, Mark Danung Esq, (Notary Public) made a post on his Facebook page starting that, a young Plateau Son whose incredible result he displayed with parallel distinctions (may be the best ever from the state after that of the legendary JD Gomwalk of blessed memories) as being the best WAEC result in 2019. I wish the Governor is aware

Recently, the Governor was in Abuja to celebrate with a Plateau Son who won the 2019 SMSE award. I wish the Governor WAS aware of the long feat before the Federal award. The implication might have been that he is already an EMPLOYER of labour and added to the states’ human resources by training others

I wish the Governor is aware, that last year, after 25 Years in history, another Plateau Son (his would be colleague) added to the number of indigenous FIRST CLASS Law undergraduates certificate holders to two (from any university in the world and to the best of my knowledge). Unfortunately, the young genius is sweating in law school without any scholarship or recognition.

I wish His Excellency is also aware that last year, two Plateau daughters (your professional colleagues), made us proud by returning home with the first ever indigenous FIRST CLASS results from the Nigerian Law School( to the best of my knowledge, since it’s establishment in 1962) their Law School Scholarship is also not paid neither were they given a state recognition.

I wish the Governor is aware that under his leadership, his fellow COLLEAGUES, some of whom are yet to refund the debt they borrowed to pay their Law School fees and his would-be colleagues in the Legal Profession have not been paid their Law School Scholarship for the past 5 years.

(From the background) Gov. Makinde of Oyo state just yesterday credited the account of Law School students from his state with #500,000,00 each. Many other Governors who are non lawyers including Gov Ortom have recently given the Law School Scholarship to students from their states. One of the implications is that, while for instance, the Law school students from Oyo state promised their Governor the best results from Law school this year, your sons and daughters instead of reading for the Law School Bar finals exams in a fortnight, are calling and asking their representatives in a somewhat depressed tone, “please how far with our scholarship?” Or “har yanzu?” etc.

I know some Plateau Sons and daughters that have the capacity to get First Class from Law School but unfortunately, we beg for money from other students in Law school to help thempay their Law School fees (needless to say, while our expected scholarship is silently hanging), some of us are ladies, at such, susceptible and vulnerable to abuse and vices. How we are surviving need not be imagined- a thing the scholarship could help to assist.

There’s a lot Your Excellency need to know. Some of your appointees may not share in your patriotism

Please help me tell His Excellency.

Siman D. Luka
[email protected]
Nigerian Law School, Yenagoa Campus

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Indigent students’ leader at law school writes Gov. Lalong.

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