God will crown me the next Governor of Rivers State, says Hon. Prince kalada Allison.

God will crown me the next Governor of Rivers State, says Hon. Prince kalada Allison.

Hon. Prince Kalada Allison is the Rivers State Governorship Candidate of the All Blending Party ABP, Youths Mobilizer and a strong crusader for Social Justice. He is from Oloma community in Bonny Local Government Area of the State, in this interview with Pam Moses when he visited Jos said God will crown him the next Governor of Rivers State.


With the strong influence of Governor Wike as the PDP Governorship candidate in Rivers State what are your chances of defeating him in 2019?

I believe that power belongs to God almighty and only him can crown the next Governor of my dear state. Secondly, being the son of Pastor David Ibiyomie of Salvation Ministry, that has thought me alot about life that not even the financial strength of both PDP and APC can change Gods plan of making me the Next Governor of Rivers State.

You being one of the vibrant youths in the state contesting for Governorship seat, are sure of the support the Youths?

I assure you that the youths wants me and they need me because they know that I can not only create jobs for them but also make sure that lives and properties are safe.

There is this notion that Rivers State is only PDP and APC how true is this assertion?

The assertion is fake, it is true we have over 40 registered political parties in the state, that notion of saying rivers state belongs to PDP and APC is the reason God has directed me to take over so I can make everyone irrespective of your party affiliation feel and enjoy the benefits of good Governance

What prompted you to contest the Governorship seat, is it bad leadership? What really do want to change if elected Governor of Rivers State?

I was called by God himself and I know he will never disappoint me, talking about bad leadership , when you have people who cant have complete three square meal before going to bed , and do not even know what to eat the next day yet they live in a state that generates funds for the nation, a state that even as an entertainer(musician, comedian, or an Actor) you have to go to Lagos before you can make it in your career, a state that is hosting so many multi million dollars oil producing company yet has the highest rate of unemployment, a state that has no security yet, Please tell me what is bad leadership ? A state that do not have emergency numbers in case of accidents, a state that recently a 7 storey building collapsed with workers in there and they could not even provide the right material go rescue the people stocked in there for more than four days. I am from Bonny island in rivers state and I can tell you with facts that my people have benefited nothing from the wike led administration, no single completed project in Bonny by wike, I can tell you of how many boat mishaps my people experience everyday yet we voted him into power, my people have being cheated for so many years now yet this same people contribute billions to the state, need I mention the countless fire disasters we have encountered, yet no incentives have being sent to the victims. This same things happen in various other LGAs in the state. Did I also forget to mention the sea pirate attacks on our water ways? I can go on and on. If no one see this as bad leadership then I wonder what bad leadership is. What I will change when elected Governor is to make sure the government relates directly with it’s people , I will make sure the people feel and benefits of good governance, I will attract foreign investors to the state, rivers state deserves to be a centre of attraction, a place where people will always want to visit and have fun. look at our zoo today even the lions are hungry and looking unfed, I will create jobs for the people, and make sure lives and properties are safe, everyone including the PDP and APC will feel and understand what good Governance truly is

Do you have the financial strength to challenge the incumbent Governor and APC in Rivers state come 2019?.

Well I may not have the financial strength to challenge the incumbent Governor and the APC but I believe God almighty and the God of Salvation Ministry, and I know he never fails. By his grace I Prince Kalada Allison will be the next Governor of Rivers state come 2019.


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God will crown me the next Governor of Rivers State, says Hon. Prince kalada Allison.

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