ENDSARS: Sen. JT Useni Calls for the Safeguard of Dignity & Unity



I appeal for calm and self-restraint in the face of on-going break-ins, looting and destruction of both government and private property across the country.

These actions can dent and diminish the genuine agitations for justice that triggered the #ENDSARS protests nation wide.

Since the initial demands have already been received, noted and acknowledged by the governing authorities, it is only proper for the protesting groups to follow up on those demands within the government for speedy implementation and monitoring.

The nation must not allow itself to descend to the level of anarchy. I appeal to the people undertaking these improper actions of outright looting and arson to stop. They should instead use alternative, peaceful and constitutional channels to resolve whatever issues they wish may be addressed toward a much better society. Destruction of national and private infrastructure does not help in improving our lives or growing our economy in anyway.

I call on all people of goodwill and influence, traditional rulers, religious leaders, civil society organisations, parents and elders, as well as the media, to undertake public enlightenment and confidence-building measures to uphold our dignity and safeguard our unity as a nation.

On the other hand, I appeal to Mr President to give marching orders to the appropriate authorities to accelerate the implementation of the demands collated from the legitimate protests. This will inspire confidence in the citizens.

Mr President should also take urgent action to reduce unemployment among the youth by ordering for immediate employment of very large numbers of young people into the public service in addition to other relief measures he is already undertaking.

I appeal to defence and security officers and men to exercise every caution and be humane in their contacts with unarmed civilians as a way of deepening our democratic practices and safeguarding human lives.

I offer my condolences to the families of all who have lost their lives and wish the injured speedy recovery.

Lt. Gen (Rtd) Sen. Jeremiah Timbut Useni,
DSS, Fwc, mni, CFR.

October 25, 2020.

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ENDSARS: Sen. JT Useni Calls for the Safeguard of Dignity & Unity

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