DSS pick up Emma Zopmal on instructions of Hon Yusuf Gagdi

Information reaching the ViewPointNigeria newsdesk indicates that the member representing Pankshin, Kangke, Kanam in the House of Representatives, Hon Yusuf Gagdi has ordered the arrest of Mr Emmanuel Zopmal, a former aspirant of the PKK seat and an administrative staff at the University of Jos.

Zopmal was picked up at his house in the early hours of the morning by policemen and has since been transferred to the SCID unit in Abuja.

The bone of contention it would appear, were some comments made on the character of Hon Yusuf Gagdi. Emmanuel Zopmal was said to have called the Hon. Member a dupe, a pig and alluded to the fact that Gagdi’s father is a magician.

These aspersion were said to have severely vexed the Honourable member, leading to him ordering for the arrest of Zopmal.

ViewPointNigeria was able to obtain some of the chat logs which were released by Hon. Gagdi related to the matter. In it, whatsapp messages show a heated exchange where harsh words said.

Scouring some Plateau groups (like “Democracy and Politics”) where this matter was being debated, Gagdi was responding to people pleading for the release of Zopmal, but he was adamant that he will not be released for dragging his name in the mud.

Many condemned the arrest as uncalled for, and at the time of filling this report at 6pm today Monday 6th July, the member remained adamant in chat messages on Whatsapp that Emmanuel Zopmal must prove the allegations or he faces jail.

Several of the individual who were commenting on the matter, called the action uncalled for and advised the Honourable member to show clemency and a thick skin to criticism.

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DSS pick up Emma Zopmal on instructions of Hon Yusuf Gagdi

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  • Hyacienth Na'anmiap

    If you version of this story is true, then my advice to the honorable member is to seek for civil suit against the alleged character assassination, rather than abusing his preveleged status & resorting to the use state assats to abduct & detain the alleged accused. Moreover, as a representative of the people, he should by now be used to accommodating aspersions, rightly or wrongly made.

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