Daduut’s mouth watering and ambitious plans for Plateau southern zone


Following the sad event of the demise of a great leader we all cherished and loved, a father, an administrator per excellence, a lawmaker who represented our Senatorial District at the senate with the interest of the Southern District at heart and an icon of Hope, I want to present myself to the District for the upcoming bye election for consolidation and continuity in service to our great Southern District.
This is my bond to serve; I am clearly stating what I will deliver to the good people of the Southern Senatorial District when elected into office. My focus is on five priority areas: Education, Agriculture, Health/Human Development, Women/Youth Empowerment and Good Governance.
♦ I believe in Consolidation.
♦ I believe in service.
♦ I believe in my people, the great people of our Southern Senatorial District.
♦ I believe in a united Southern Senatorial District with a unity of purpose for collective growth and development, putting the interest of the Future and sustainable growth of our Senatorial District ahead in all dealings and engagements.
This Manifesto goes beyond broad proclamations. For each sector, I have articulated clear policy directions and accompanying strategies to indicate how my vision will be implemented. My plan for a prosperous Southern District includes well thought plans to directly engage our people through creation of opportunities and jobs while going about the duty of making laws that will positively impact on our people and our Senatorial District.
I invite you to read my manifesto and share my message with all those who genuinely care about our Senatorial District. Let us join hands to actualize what is contained in this manifesto as I will be accountable with deliberate steps towards achieving them. For me, this manifesto is my social contract with the Southern District. Please join me let the service continue.

Agriculture is the engine of a nation’s economic growth Our Senatorial District has the potentials to become the agricultural powerhouse of not just our dear Plateau State but Nigeria in general. Our people are committed and hardworking and I strongly believe that we will positively channel our agricultural potential for wealth creation and economic growth of our Senatorial District. This renewed commitment will bring about conscious effort to highly prioritize agricultural growth, increase in farmer’s income and drive rural development, contemporary demands and innovative approach to everyday challenges, Therefore, I will commit myself to engaging everyone as we work as a people to achieve the set goals as contained in this manifesto.
The Opportunity
There is no reason why our Senatorial District should not be Nigeria’s food basket. Our Senatorial District is blessed with arable land, natural resources and some minerals of every description as well as a conducive climate. We have a large youthful population that translates to human capacity, yet opportunities in our agriculture sector has not been adequately harnessed. I will focus on creating wealth for our people and grow our economy by sponsoring bills that will fundamentally address the areas that have hither limited our growth in the Agricultural sector through the provision of key infrastructure and services and the establishment of Federal Agricultural training institutes in our Senatorial District.
My Consolidation Agenda
I will:
♦ Sponsor a bill for the establishment of an Agro Training and Research Institute in our Senatorial District that will systematically collaborate with other agencies to find solutions to peculiar problems we face in our agricultural sector.
♦ Empower farmers and others who will want to have agro-based start-ups to unlock the enormous wealth in the land through collaboration with development partners both internationally and nationally to help our people access funding for agricultural purposes.
♦ Provide incentives, including matching grants to encourage farmers and agro-based start-ups to achieve a rapid economic advancement in our Senatorial District.
♦ Collaborate with other lawmakers to fast-track the upgrading and improvement of the school of Agriculture already existing in the District, as a model of higher institution of Agriculture.
♦ Make agriculture an engine for economic growth and job creation by lobbying companies that wish to open local value-added processing plants for food and other agricultural products to be established in the Senatorial District.
♦ Encourage farmers to form co-operative unions to take advantage of economies of scale and sign contracts with local processing plant operators to take care of crop loss due to unforeseen natural disaster.
♦ Work with the states to expand technical extension services to provide practical advice and support to farmers on mechanized and modern farming techniques.

I believe that education is the most powerful tool for the advancement of nations and as an educationist I cannot overemphasize my belief in the power of education, I know that the most potent weapon to fight poverty is Education. It is also necessary to state how far education has contributed to moral and ethical values in the individuals and the society. We have to become an enlightened society and have to reverberate with educated skilled manpower of high standards required to meet the challenges of 21st century. This requires a bold and visionary leadership and legislative sagacity to sponsor appropriate bills that will ensure the establishment of institutions in our Senatorial District.
Every effort shall be made to ensure ‘equality of opportunity to a well integrated, efficient and inclusive education at primary, secondary and tertiary levels in tandem with the APC manifesto. With the help of God, I will legislate and actualize compulsory and free Primary education by improving the standard of teaching and learning to ensure a harmonious and cohesive egalitarian society that practices democratic values.
The Opportunity
As a matter of urgency, our Senatorial District needs to expand access to education and raise the standards of teaching and learning so that our young people enter the workforce equipped for the challenges of this ever-globalizing world. I will seek to increase the proportion of students moving from primary to secondary education and then into the tertiary institution by collaborating with relevant stakeholders to deliberately assist our young ones in their academic journey.
My Consolidation Agenda
I will:
♦ Lobby for the siting of a campus of the State-owned University within our Senatorial District.
♦ Sponsor a bill for the education of the physically challenged as well as Technical and Vocational Education.
♦ Advocate for girl-child education and possible help to the girl-child to continue and complete school education through a Constituency Education Endowment Fund.
♦ Build a computer literacy center for training young ones on digital skills and prepare them for computer related exams nation-wide.
♦ Collaborate with the State Primary Schools Board for building more infrastructures for primary and Post-Primary Education.

I recognize the important role of women in the development of the society and growth of the nation, and I remain committed to give a high priority to Women Empowerment and welfare. I recognize the need for women security as a precondition to women empowerment and I will undertake the following for women welfare.
Women are the back bone of Nigerian society, especially in our rural communities. Issues that matter to the average Nigerian woman cut across the spectrum of policy areas, such as agriculture-where they predominate as farm labour as well as health and education where their concern for their children is paramount. Despite the rights outlined in our constitution, many women do not enjoy the same freedom as men, particularly in the areas of education, economic empowerment and political participation.
My Consolidation Agenda
I will:
♦ Make Women’s welfare and development a high priority at all levels in my legislative functions.
♦ I will collaborate with the interest of the participation of women and youth in politics
♦ Sponsor a bill in partnership with relevant agencies to address gender-based violence and rape against women, and the establishment of Fund for relief and rehabilitation of rape victims.
♦ I will encourage legislation to protect women’s right to inherit properties on equal basis with men.
♦ Sponsor a bill for the fundamental rights of the girl-child in all areas of religious, social and economic life, protecting her right to life, to shelter, and to choose, and encourage, public enlightenment on these issues.
♦ Work in collaboration with Industrial Training Fund to establish a Senatorial Women and Youth Training Center to help equip our women and youths with training and skills. This will Improve and strengthen support for women and youths’ participation in all sectors of the economy.
♦ Set up Program for women healthcare with emphasis on rural communities.
♦ Initiate a Senatorial District-wide incubation and accelerator program for encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship among our Youths in order to encourage new start-ups and provide financial incentives to the Youths to promote businesses through a program that will coach and train them.

A healthy society is a wealthy society. This will create room for healthy human resources. I will embark on sponsoring laws that will focus on human development through Job creation. In the short term, I will make skills acquisition that will benefit our Senatorial District. Water and sanitation are my priority concerns to curb the burden of scarcity of water and to impact sanitation culture in the communities.
My Consolidation Agenda
I will:
Pursue the provision of basic health services and quality health care management system through legislation and laboring
Advocate preventive care and access to portable water which is the key to my programme and mission.
Create new job opportunities by collaborating with relevant Federal Ministries, Agencies and Parastatals to ensure that people of our Senatorial District get appropriate job spaces. Make Southern District an IT/Professional/Telecom services outsourcing destination hub, to create access to information and communication with the outside society.
I have designed a plan to make Southern District more productive and to make our economy more competitive because it is the key to building a better future with better prospects for all.

Nigeria has always suffered from the scourge of corruption. Public governance has become a by-word for incompetence and corruption. We have the political will and track record to fight corruption. Fighting corruption is vital to our national wellbeing. Corruption significantly weakens Nigeria’s economy by stripping it of trillions of Naira. Corruption is inefficient and wasteful. Reforming public sector to produce an effective and efficient administration is the key to effective and efficient service delivery and accountability of public resources. Democracy is a vital instrument that propels political proficiency, economic development and social stability of our nation state. In that view we will;
Tackle Corruption by
♦ Ensuring a functional independent anti- corruption Agency
♦ Ensuring that there is no more immunity from prosecution for sitting public officials
♦ Reform of the budgetary and accounting procedures
Advocate Transparency
♦ Strengthen and ensure a functional electoral system
♦ Ensure the elimination of ghost workers
♦ Enforce the code of conduct for all public officials including elected Representatives
Enhancing Fiscal Federalism
Public Expenditure
♦ Redirect public spending priorities to increase the proportion of public spending on capital infrastructures.
♦ Increase spending on social welfare programmes such as health, education and public works
Reform the Public Services so as to have a Lean and Effective Government.
Institute radical reform of the Nigerian government based on good government precepts- transparency, accountability, fiscal responsibility, rule of law, human rights, civil and political liberties
Security of Lives and Properties
We will promote peaceful and harmonious co-existence by ensuring that Nigerians are free to live, work and worship in any part of the country without let or hindrance.
♦ Introduce legislation that will out- law inflammatory hate speech,
♦ Develop, promote and implement a public accountability framework to enhance the operational autonomy and efficiency of the military, police and other security Agencies in the discharge of their constitutional mandates.

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Daduut’s mouth watering and ambitious plans for Plateau southern zone

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