COVID -19: ‘We’re Overwhelmed By Rising Positive Cases At JUTH’

The authority of the Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) has said that it is being overwhelmed by the increased number of COVID-19 patients trooping to the hospital.

Dr. Pokop Wushipba, a Consultant Public Health Physicians and Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee of the hospital told our correspondent in Jos that the number of positive cases was increasing by the day.
He said the degree of the disease in the state is making the hospital run short of bed spaces especially at the isolation centres as many patients were being admitted for treatments.

He said, “Now we are seeing more severe cases in the second wave. More positive cases are found even among the health workers because patients that are carriers are coming for treatment. This second wave is coming in respiratory distress and that is why we have to spend more on oxygen.

“We use to buy 6,000 litres of liquid oxygen, which lasts us for six to eight weeks but now the 6000 litres don’t last for two weeks because COVID-19 patients are often on Oxygen. This is to tell you the amount of oxygen needed to control the disease at the moment. The kind of oxygen they take is more than what normal patients take.”

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COVID -19: ‘We’re Overwhelmed By Rising Positive Cases At JUTH’

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