Chief Robert Taple call on mupun youths to sustain unity …

The wazzirin mupun, Chief Robert Taple today call on the youth of Mupun extraction to cherish the value of unity amongst different community and to desist from drugs and substance abuse. Chief Taple made this charge at Abwordyis football field venue of the match between Chinan Dikwal FC Vs Robert Taple FC In the ongoing mupun united football competition organized by the leadership of Mupun youths movement.

The leadership of the mupun youths movement under COMR. DAKWOM Longgul kick start a tournament tagged the Mupun united football competition. The competition started on the 10th of November,2019 and it’s expected to run through December, with each team sponsor serving as a mentor to the team attached to his name.

The match played today, was a shift match of 32 mins out of the disrupted match in Kagu played last week. Robert Taple FC played a workover against,Chinan Dikwal FC of Lankang gaining 3 points above Kagu and Lankang in the same group.

The wazzirin Mupun emphasize the need for the youths to remain focus and steadfast for a better future, stressing, that drugs abuse can limit the potential of any propective …Chief Taple donated balls to the Lankang team and the sihin team and promise to do.

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Chief Robert Taple call on mupun youths to sustain unity …

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