Amb. John Pofi Calls for Thorough Investigation for the Crashed Military Aircraft



I am writing with a very heavy heart over the untimely demise of seven promising young men who died in their effort to rescue others.

They sacrificed their comfort, safety and lives for the sake of humanity and their father land.

As a patriot, I have encouraged and am still mentoring young persons on patriotism, good neighborliness and selfless service to the father land.

But while we teach patriotism which led these young men to pay the supreme price, the sad and painful reality that we are living with is that, their deaths will only be felt by their immediate families, they will be mourned by their loved ones and after few days of public display of ceremonial concerns on television and the pages of newspapers, their story like many others who paid the supreme price in the line of duty like them will be thrown into the dustbin of history, oh Nigeria my country.

One thing that pains me most is that these young men gave all they had for a country that does not honour gallantry, hard work, sacrifice and creativity, but ironically rewards truancy and corruption.

If those in charge do not do justice to the families of these fallen heroes, they should be ready to face the HARSH but FAIR judgement of posterity.

One brutal truth that readily stares every sincere Nigerian in the face especially in today’s Nigeria, is that nothing will be heard again, and worst still, the “bandits” who kidnapped the Kagara students and their teachers will get ransom and even when they are eventually arrested, they will be pardoned with huge sums of cash to settle down. What a country?

I want to strongly call on the federal government and the military authorities to quickly and thoroughly investigate the cause of the crash and pay the families of the fallen heroes adequately so that their labour will not be in vain.

Though strictly a military affair, I want the federal government to make public the results of the cause of the mishap.

One cannot fathom why kidnapping has become the order of the day and the government is apparently weak and incapacitated that is why we loose talented young men every day while the”bandits” smile to the banks.

Something urgent needs to be done to stop unnecessary lose of innocent lives.

Amb. John Pofi, JP
National Coordinator, Prayer Force Network

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Amb. John Pofi Calls for Thorough Investigation for the Crashed Military Aircraft

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