Alté Fashion – The Trend You Need To Know About.

It’s no news that the new alté trend has taken over in cities like Lagos, and while a lot of people in the fashion and music scene have been receptive of this new trend, they are some who find it appalling, especially since the trend seems to be popular among a certain class of individuals.

Alté is actually gotten from the word Alternative, a nickname give to Nigerian alternative artists, which is why the fashion trend is more common amongst them.

The Alté movement is a group of Nigerian youth with a unique sense of fashion and music. They often call members of this movement Altéist (pronounced: all-tist).

Alté fashion embraces a retro and vintage style, but is somehow tagged as “New School.” Alté music, on the other hand, is not yet mainstream; It is a melodic, whimsy, and almost-spiritual groove.

The thing with Alté fashion is the several additional details that comes with it. Altéists adopt a mix of edgy styles such as piercings, baggy pants, dirty sneakers, and odd hairstyles.

Alté fashion circles around the power of self, creativity and fun. There’s always a bit of ‘extraness‘ to this fashion movement, details and colour are very important that it’s not complete without these.

From accessories that are not so sparkly and almost always retro to funny hairstyles and hair colour, the alte fashion is as different as it can be.

While many people don’t get what the movement is about, it’ll shock you to know who and who is on it. Alteists are everywhere, in the music space with Alté Music, and in the fashion trend as we’re discussing about now.

Newcomer artists like Teni, Odunsi, Wavythecreator, Santi and a host of many other artists stand in the face for the Alté music and fashion space.

So this fashion gives you the freedom to express yourself in a different way. The only rule with the Alté is this ‘Everything goes’ as long as you know how to wear it right and walk it right.

The trend, is heavily influenced by street style, with a lot of edginess, it became more popular because of artists like Odunsi.

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Alté Fashion – The Trend You Need To Know About.

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