STAY STRONG! – Sen. Jeremiah Useni Tells  Party Faithful

Governorship Candidate of the Plateau Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the last governorship election in Plateau State, Sen (Gen) Jeremiah Timbut Useni is urging party officials, candidates, stakeholders and supporters to “ Never give up” in the face of a mixture of wins and setbacks in tribunal judgements within the week.

In a message of solidarity to all party candidates who were before various tribunals as either petitioners or respondents, General Useni said,

“I give my salutations to distinguished Senator Istifanus Dung Gyang and Honourable Solomon Maren whose elections were upheld by the tribunals. And I stand in complete harmony with our courageous flagbearers Mr David Paradang, Honourable Johnbull Shekarau, Honourable Timothy Golu and Honourable Jonathan Dabo whose reversals of our collective expectations will never dim our cherished hopes.”

“Even with the judgement of the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal going contrary to our reckoning, we must never waver in our aspiration.

“We must persist in hope; we must be positive in our outlook; we must show confidence and courage in the face of these challenging outcomes. In hope will be the happiness of our people. In hope we will work on better strategies. In hope, we will stand together to survive and to thrive. Let us not give up.”

“I appeal to those whose victories have been attested to keep the good work for the security and prosperity of Plateau.”

General Useni said his personal presence at some of the tribunals when some of the judgements were being delivered was to show unity of purpose and encouragement in times of anxiety.

“I will support our cause in diverse ways. But we must also believe in ourselves that we can rise above our current circumstances.”

To the whole PDP family, General Useni pointed to the need to overcome areas of tension persisting in the party. He quoted a philosophical advice that says, “Don’t find the fault, find the remedy” — Henry Ford.

He ended by reminding each party faithful that in whatever circumstance if you “do good you shall see good”

Yiljap Abraham

Media Consultant to
Sen (Gen) Jeremiah Timbut Useni, (Rtd) DSS, Fwc, mni
September 11, 2019

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STAY STRONG! – Sen. Jeremiah Useni Tells Party Faithful

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